How To Setup Your Business Online - Starter Pack

by Rhys on 28 Mar

We hear so many small businesses talk about not understanding how to get online or kick-start their businesses digital presence, not wanting to or being able to (yet) spend money on a highly functioning website or a fancy Facebook ad campaign. We’re going to try and talk you into it, whether you decide to use us to do the work or not, please consider doing the following if it’s done by yourself or another agency.

Who’s this for?

Anyone who wants to have a presence on the internet (which should be almost any business), is indecisive about starting or is completely new to the digital world and wants to explore for their business.

The tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) is get your company online.

Have an online presence, use Google My Business, get the website fit for your business (it doesn’t have to cost thousands in one payment) and make use of social media for your business. The ad manager is intimidating, but there are hundreds of walk throughs you can use on YouTube and a variety of platforms. Try everything yourself first.

So here it is.

Google My Business

There we have it folks, wrapped up in one phrase, your ‘Get Online Starter Kit’ has been delivered!

But seriously, Google My Business should be setup for your company as long as you have either;

  • An office
  • A shop
  • A restaurant
  • A hairdressing salon
  • A dog walking service
  • Literally anything

Whatever business you have, it should be setup. It’s so easy to do, helps you have a local presence and gives your customers something to actually find when they look for you.

Here’s an example.

Last week I was wondering around the local town centre town centre, I was looking for a hairdressers, being completely attached to my phone I simply dropped ‘hairdressers’ into Maps and was planning on checking out whatever came up. 4 came up in my local vicinity, there were actually about 10, some of which I walked past out of principle, they weren’t online, so they didn’t exist, right!?

How many me’s are there every day?

If somebody is looking for somewhere to eat, they hear about your restaurant by word of mouth, plop it into Maps and head for their destination, what happens when you’re not on Maps and suddenly to them, you don’t exist anymore.

Follow these steps to get your Google My Business page.


The most complicated, without using a generic free web builder, you’re unlikely to get anything online that close to resembles a professional looking business website. It of course requires a certain level of knowledge and a lot of time and experience.


It doesn’t have to cost you the £1,500-7,500 you’ve been quoted for your shiny new website.

Companies like us (and lots of others, no shameless plug!) offer monthly packages. You can get that awesome £2,500 website, but for less than £100 per month, rather than the big initial investment.

Perfect for businesses who can’t justify spending that amount of money in one go. Depending what you sell, one sale from your new website could likely pay for itself twice over. And after all, your website should be the place you tell your story, get your message to your customer and really provide your selling points to your potential customers. Don’t settle for a poorly built, poorly managed website when you can get something on a relatively low monthly payment that’ll actually help your business, not hinder it.

A website done properly will be a consistent lead generation tool for your business for years to come.

Social Media

Lots of businesses think because they’re in a certain industry, they don’t need social media accounts. What if we told you that this month we spent less than £100 this month and put our brand in front of more than 50,000 targeted, potential customers? Or just people generally interested in our industry.

For a local plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter and decorator, landscaper, hairdresser, restaurant or anything service related and customer facing, that could be a game changer.

Theoretical scenario time.

Last month you did an absolutely killer piece of work, you’re a landscaper, you have before and after pictures, the before looks like a never explored part of the Amazon Rainforest, afterwards it looks like one of those pristine gardens in Country Life. But nobody other than you and the customer have seen the change.

Sure, they might refer you to one person, that person refers you to another and the momentum rolls on. But what if they don’t?

Or what if that person they refer you to doesn’t want their garden done for another 6-12 months, even 1-2 years. You’ve seen no benefit, but have done a fantastic piece of work that should be shouted about.

But now you have Facebook.

You get consent to upload the before and afters to Facebook, you do. You spend £20 on a 2 day Facebook boost to people in the local area (15 mile radius from Swansea?). That hits 30,000 people.

Imagine 30,000 relevant people seeing your best piece of work. One person is absolutely won over by it, they want to use you, they pay £3,500 for their garden. You’ve made £3,480 profit on a Facebook post.

This is why every marketing agency out there is trying to push small businesses (even one man bands) into using social media, there are no smokes or mirrors, it legitimately works!

Sounds awesome but don’t have the time? Call us. It’s not stupidly expensive and we’re pretty certain after that first client rolls in, you’ll start seeing online marketing in a way you’ve never thought of it previously.

So, we hope you’ve found at least some of these ramblings helpful. If you really love the sound of some of this, but don’t have the time to learn, or the time to do it properly (but want to start!), feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to have a chat with anyone interested in starting their transition into digital!

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