SEO for SME’s - Future proofing your main money making tool

by Rhys on 25 Aug

It’s 2017 and fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, everybody now uses either a smartphone, desktop or laptop computer. The working days seem to be getting longer and the free time seems to be dwindling lesser and lesser with almost everyone's potential customers, whether you’re B2C or B2B. 

Why does that matter, and what the hell does that have to do with SEO?

People rely heavily on the internet, you can’t go on a vacation now without your spouse, child or friends making 1000%, absolutely certain there is going to be WiFi, and not just WiFi, good WiFi. Because who has time for a buffering YouTube video these days?

With that in mind, your customer is moving online, regardless of how much you want to keep them in the high street. Hitting them with multiple forms of marketing for brand recognition or actual sales is a no brainer - so why neglect your search engine presence when there are, on average, over 3.5 billion searches on Google per day alone. 

Why should your business invest in SEO?

SEO is an investment, there’s no doubt about that, if you’re launching a new site or working with something that has never had any form of optimisation done in the past, it’s an uphill battle. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

When you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, your organic search is up by 500% month on month and you’re starting to see actual sales/enquiries come through your website (wow who would’ve thought it!) - it all of a sudden becomes the best thing you have ever spent your money on in terms of marketing. 

But why specifically for SME’s?

Google is King 

Google is King in the world of internet and cyberspace - if you play ball and start to get traction from their algorithms, your business becomes a different beast. Without unknowingly taking pot shots at SEO, or being in a super, super non-competitive niche, you’re not going to get that traction you want nor deserve.

So what happens when you strike gold in Google?

Your business scales, quickly. Organic search usually directly relates to an increase in traffic through relevant keyword searches - that means if you sell craft beer, you build your keyword focus around ‘buy craft beer’ and you start seeing floods of traffic during a large scale SEO campaign, you are very likely to see a drastic increase in sales. This does relate to CRO (conversion rate optimisation) - but that’s for a different day. 


SEO is Good, Regardless of the Past

SEO was once ‘spin to win’ - people put all of their money on the ‘build keyword dense backlinks from spammy sites’ horse and, the vast majority didn’t live to tell the tale. Penguin hit, and it hit like a 5000 tonne freight train, then all of a sudden the SEO industry gets questioned. 

Regardless of the fallacies in the past, SEO is, was and always will be populated by Cowboys who profess to be any one of the following: 

  • Guru’s
  • Rockstars
  • Ninja’s
  • Wizards
  • Jedi’s (yes, I have legitimately seen a grown adult call themselves an SEO Jedi)

And so on. But there are genuine folk like ourselves out there (shameless plug) who actually attain results. Set, measure and achieve KPI’s and don’t shy away from problems that arise. Find those people, pay those people and let them transform your online presence for the better. 

Strong Return On Investment

Search Engine Optimisation will, when done properly, provide one of the greatest returns on investment you can attain from a single form of marketing for certain types of businesses. Is it suited for your business?

If you’re customer facing, an eCommerce store, a tradesman of any kind or in any kind of service, B2B or B2C industry, then SEO is most definitely for you. PPC is great also, but that provides quick wins and a lot of the time, at an extremely high price for the cost per clicks. If you’re looking for quick results, go for PPC, if you’re wanting a steady, sustainable growth - SEO should be the biggest tool in your arsenal. 


In the age of the internet, Google is King. It’s by a country mile the biggest search engine on the internet in the Western World (Baidu obviously dominates China) and can provide your business with levels of sales that would simply be unattainable with a brick and mortar store. We’ll leave you with an analogy. 

If you’re below page 2 on the internet and you understand brick and mortar stores - anything below page two or three is basically a dark, dingy side alley everyone avoids with some extremely shady characters lurking down there... 

You may have an absolutely incredible looking shop front and interior, but nobody is going to see it nor take the risk of going down that proverbial alley. On the other hand, being within the top 3 on the first page of the search engine results page for your key term (i.e craft beers) either locally, nationally or internationally puts you out on the hustle and bustle of the high street. Now your potential customers will pour into your shop and judge for themselves whether or not your shop is up to their satisfaction. No more dark alleys from that point onwards!

So - we hope you make the right decision if it makes sense for your business financially and invest in your businesses online future. We hope to see you on the ‘high street’ soon! 

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