Quick wins for Small Business SEO

by Rhys on 17 Nov

SEO for small businesses is highly undervalued a lot of the time, and what people also don't understand is you can do it yourself. At a high level, SEO is extremely technical, takes a significant amount of time, which can set businesses back a significant amount of money in return.

But is it always the same for SME’s?

If your site is in a relatively non-competitive space, think tradespeople in towns or villages, or anything else in towns or villages for that matter, it really doesn’t need to be that costly because you can do it yourself!

Regardless of what an agency or freelancer tells you, local search is rather simple, it just takes significant effort and a decent amount of time. But what do you do?

Map listing

If you don’t already have one, setup a Google My Business account here. Make sure your address is completely in line with everywhere else, ensuring you use the same business address across the board is half the battle. Add some images, get some reviews and generally make it look like an actual business that cares about the impression it leaves!

Local citations

If you’re a plumber, look for local plumbing directories that allow you to advertise and drop a link to your website (make sure they’re relevant and not just some spammy ‘all businesses’ directory). Add yourself using the free listing on Yell, add yourself, where possible, to Chamber of Commerce sites or local business directories that you’ve already heard of/know of. This will form the backbone of your sites citations and just from doing the two above, you’ll likely see movement in your search engine rankings.


Okay, so it’s not what it was 10 years ago, spam ‘plumber Cardiff’ 10,000 times into a smattering of different blog posts/comment sections and all of a sudden you’re #1. But make sure your metadata is relevant and entices click through's, so if you are a plumber in Cardiff by the name of Joe Bloggs’ Plumbing, your Title should resemble something of the following:

‘Joe Bloggs’ Plumbing | Plumbing & Heating Services Cardiff, Wales’.

Or something akin, at least. This gives a clear definition of what you do, tells your potential customers where you’re based as well as indicates all of the ranking factors you would hope are considered to Google. This, along with writing a good description for CTR (click through rate), should improve not only your organic search rankings locally, but also improve your click through and, in turn, your amount of leads generated.

So, to conclude, if you’re a small business just looking to generate more leads and you have some free time or time you can set aside to do what has been previously discussed, do so. Being ranked first locally for your main keywords and services can completely change your business for the better, but it doesn’t have to cost you the prices most charge, which, depending on where you get quotes from, could be anywhere from £500 p/month all the way up to £5,000+

If you’ve tried doing SEO yourself for your small business and you’re still not moving, feel free to drop us an email for a free site audit, which may give you more clarity on your issues and hopefully help your business skyrocket online!

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