Marketing Funnels

70% of Companies

70% of companies say their number 1 priority over the next 12 months is ‘Converting Leads to Customers’. Marketing funnels are the perfect way to get your customer from knowing about you to spending money with you. Whether it’s through email marketing, campaign promotion or paid ads, building funnels that you can track with confidence is essential to knowing what’s working for your business.

The first time a potential customer or client lands on your website you should be entering them into a funnel of some kind. Whether that’s a remarketing or retargeting funnel on Google or Facebook, the number one goal is to get them back onto your website. If they sign up or enter an email, they should be entered into an email funnel and mailing lists. Sometimes the amount of work is a little overwhelming, that’s why we’re here to help!

Whether you have your own CRM already implemented or you’re looking to get something in place, we can help. Intercom, Hubspot, Salesforce, whatever you use, we’ve been there and gotten the t-shirt.

The perfect funnel should run without any interaction from you. Point of entry to point of exit, and hopefully a transaction should be completely automated and effortless for you.

From Intercom to Salesforce, we can implement anything into your current systems.

This is what our plan includes

The first step is to establish the goals of your business and what you’re wanting to get from your customers and clients. From there we can derive goals and determine which avenues we have to create funnels within.

If you have something in place already, great! If not, we’ll work with you to select the right tool for the job and assist with any implementation that may be required to get the wheels in motion.

After implementation, the initial setup begins! Getting the first funnels in place and making sure we have goals for each so they’re ready for traffic to funnel through them.

Every good machine needs some tweaking and a service! We’ll revisit the funnels to optimize them where applicable. This could be in the form of A/B testing, manipulating copy or adding traffic sources.

Now that everything is running like a well oiled machine, you need to know the results. We’ll work with you to establish a smooth method of reporting so you have numbers to back things up.

Just like having breakdown cover, we’ve got you. If you have any issues, questions or you just want to take us for a coffee, we’re just an email or call away!