PPC Agency Swansea


70% of of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google search. Whether you’re big or small, growing or grown, PPC can get the phones ringing with prospected leads ready to buy into your stuff. Paid search comes with a little bit of hacking growth, and hacking growth is what we love doing. If you want to grow, are forward thinking and love experimenting with new ways to exponentially grow, we want to hear from you.

A lot of PPC comes down to experimentation, not experimenting leaves you stagnant and gives your competition time to catch up. We like to keep it moving, using the ‘fail fast and hard’ logic to find the best growth tool the quickest. When we find it, we optimise it. When we optimise it, you grow, fast!

We do the ‘boring stuff’, so you can focus on running and growing your business. Building, split testing, optimising landing pages and setting up conversions for those landing pages along with detailed logic behind the metrics is the usual starting point of a good PPC project. After this it’s onto growth and driving traffic at the landing pages en masse. At this point, we see how well optimised the

landing pages is and whether or not the specific vehicle of PPC will work, for example, Adwords may not work for a web agency but Instagram and Linkedin might 10x leads in a month. Our goal is to optimise your campaign as well as possible and get it to the point where we know your spend will make a multiple return in profit. After all, your wins are our wins, and our wins are your wins.

Gain instant leads or sales with our advanced PPC strategies.

This is what our plan includes

Adwords, Google's Paid Ads, with Google accounting for 86.5% of searches in the UK, the search engine giant is hard to look paid in regards to Paid search.

Retargeting allows us to serve your laser focused advertisements to potential leads, clients or customers. One of the most effective retention methods of 2017.

Remarketing using Google is another amazing method of retention. Advertising relevant ads to potential customers who have already visited your website to entice a revisit.

Our App Advertising is built and tailored, case by case. If you're looking to 'go viral' mobile/app promotion is potentially the vehicle to drive you to that goal.

Social media PPC comes in many shapes and sizes, anything from typical PPC to remarketing, each serves its own purpose. How would you like to 10x your social?

Building and optimising landing pages to allow us to properly setup and track metrics where and how we would like.