SEO Agency Swansea

3.5 billion

3.5 billion searches per day are produced on the search engine giant Google alone. With that number in mind, it's hard to deny the volume of potential customers out there for any given product or service. Putting yourself in front of these clients either organically (SEO) or by paid advertising (PPC) should be one of the main objectives for any company looking to grow online.

To increase your relevance in search, we tailor our targeting to meet the needs of search engines and users. We do this by going further than 'digital' and into the psychology of your audience - turning visitors into customers and customers into loyal followers. Combined with a wider bespoke content and SEO strategy, we can further drive profitable customer action and positive brand association.

Using clean, meaningful on-page optimisation, we ensure your website pages are well structured, your keyword targeting is specific and the right signals are being sent to Google. Then, to further raise your web page rankings in search engine results, we use off-page SEO such as social media (reputation, shares, likes),

trust signals (such as authority and SSL) and quality links. This also helps to create a community for your brand and build the pillars that encourage reach and recommendation. Our collaborative approach will earn your brand the page positioning it deserves, and more importantly, keep you there.

Maximising your site's effectiveness through 'on-page' and 'off-page' SEO.

This is what our plan includes

We strategically plan, implement and optimise content strategies at a large scale to ensure your integrity of voice is kept, as well as your organic rankings improving.

Link building scaled to your website, our metrics for these are relevancy, traffic quality and traffic volume. We think big, allowing you to grow quickly.

We use PR, as any good modern SEO strategy should. Whether you’re a new startup, in the cryptocurrency space or a big business, we find PR hacks to build your reputation and exposure as quickly as possible.

We optimise and manage your Google My Business listings, ensuring you’re able to reach your target audience locally as optimally as possible.

Building and managing local listings to give your business the greatest chance of reaching a specific potential customer as frequently and optimally as is possible.

On-site content optimisation. We make sure not only your written content is strong, but your technical content is enticing the right people, for the right keywords, in the right market.