Software Development Company


The average yearly salary of a software developer, if you need a team, that's a potential £100-250,000 investment in developers internally from the word go. Our completely scalable development resources provide a no-brain, cost effective way of scaling a dev team!

Whether you're building a completely custom piece of software using C# or building a web app using any of the JS frameworks, the chances are we have a lot of experience building in the language. We specialise in solutions, not hurdles or issues. Our goal within software development is to provide a smart solution for complex tasks.

Being an experienced software development company allows us to build using the most complex frameworks in attempts to create outstanding end results.

Our developers come from backgrounds where finding innovative solutions is a must, having built extremely complex apps in the gaming space ourselves, we're also well versed in making things immersive and 'sticky' for end users.

From C# to Rust, we can build whatever you envisage.

This is what our plan includes

Step one is discovery, we need to know everything you want included in the software or app to the finest detail.

Secondly, we build out the technical specification that will allow that to happen. This concludes the end of our discovery phase and we then, after approval, move on to build.

Our building systems typically work on sprints, due to our sprint schedules, we give feedback to clients at the end of each sprint (fortnightly).

Whilst we give updates, you give feedback. We'll be doing internal QA alongside building, but we also implore clients to do so as soon as there is a working product to test.


Just like buying a house, give us your snagging list and up to 30 days after we'll rectify any issues found in your testing!