Video Editing Swansea


Video gains 1000%+ more engagement than generic text or images ads. With the extreme growth of video marketing in 2016 and 2017, we deem video to be one of the biggest ways to grow for certain niches this year and beyond. Engage with your target audience and communicate messages by using engaging, attention capturing videos that personify your brand, service or product.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. That is why video counts. Your audience could see an image ad, not engage and to them your tirade of potential conversion funnels is dead in the water. But put an engaging video in front of them and all of a sudden you can be one of many things to them; authoritative, a ‘voice’ in the space, trustworthy, personable or, just not ‘like everybody else’. Video done properly not only does this, but it also allows for some amazing marketing campaigns too!

Some niches are perfect for video, some aren’t, the only way to truly find out is to experiment. If you find you’re a perfect fit for video marketing, by the time you’ve come to that conclusion, you’ll likely already be reaping the benefits. Whether you’re a high street retailer, a HNWI focused tech company or a Legal practice, video may be for you.

If your marketing is getting stale, leads are getting more and more strenuous to generate and the phones aren’t ringing (or contact forms emailing!) like they used to, maybe trying video is a risk worth taking.

We produce and edit videos exposing your brand to a mass audience, the right way.

This is what our plan includes

Understanding your business is the first goal for creating engaging, quality videos. This is where you talk (or email) and we listen.

Incorporating your ‘voice’ comes after understanding. They go hand-in-hand together and, done well, can lead to the perfect infrastructure to build a video marketing strategy around.

The planning phase is where we get to have some fun and be creative. We’ll soundboard off each other and come up with something perfect, between our whacky ideas and your business objectives.

Building the video is the 4th and final step of the creation phase, after this, your video goes out to the world of the internet. When we’ve had the go-ahead, we launch.

This is where we measure the impact, track the metrics and make sure we’re distributing it in the right place. This phase leads onto the 6th and final phase of your video marketing campaign.

Learning from the campaign prior. This is where we have the ‘what will we do better next time’ talk, breaking down metrics and crunching numbers to ensure every campaign improves.