Web Design Swansea

3 Seconds

If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, on average, 53% of people won’t wait and will click off to another site. Site speed is becoming more prominent as web technology improves. Alongside that it’s becoming a harder and harder battle to keep the attention of your users. Design and Development go hand in hand in the modern world of web.. Having a great performing site that doesn’t look up to scratch doesn’t cut it, and having a great looking site that’s slow and buggy will only lose you users.

Having a well designed and developed website is a necessity to run an online business. That’s why everything we produce will be built with industry leading technologies whether it’s a simple static website or a full blow enterprise solution. Once you have the foundation of a robust and beautiful website, you’re on the right footing to begin marketing it knowing that when your customers or clients land on your page, they’re going to have the best experience possible, both visually and functionally.

Making sure you choose the right tool for the job is key. We’re happy to sit with you and establish a plan for how to build your website so that it is both, quick and efficient however maintaining the ability to scale should you ever need too.

Whether you’re in need of a simple static website, an ecommerce store, a subscription system or a custom internal solution, we have the expertise you need to make the right decision for the future.

Enhancing your chances of user acquisition and retention is what we do.

This is what our plan includes

We will work with you to figure out the goals of your website. From there we can establish the flow, basic design direction and begin brainstorming ideas and scoping out the development of your website.

Our designers will begin working on wireframes and conceptualising the design for your website based on what we discussed in the consultation. We will keep you up to date on progress every step of the way.

As soon as we have all the wireframes and concepts complete, you will be sent them for feedback prior to us starting to finalise your designs.

Once the design has been finalised and you’re happy, we’ll begin developing your website. There will be a staging server for you to view every step of the way so you can see changes as they happen and provide feedback at any point.

Upon completion of the development of your website, we’ll give you some time to click around and make sure everything is as you imagined. From there you can provide us with your final feedback and revisions.

When everything is complete, we’re always only a phone call or email away for continued support and assistance.